Juan looked away, not wanting his friend to see the tears forming in his eyes.
“I know, Juan. I know. But I’m sure that Elena is very proud of you, even where she is today.”
Even where she is today? In different circumstances he might have reacted, asked where she was supposed to be if not in a cold coffin. In different circumstances he surely would have burst out that it wasn’t fair he had lost his reason for living so young. In different circumstances he would have cried at the thought that where she was today was not where she was supposed to be: at his side. Why? Because of a driver who hadn’t seen her, who hadn’t been able to stop the car in time. He felt his breath quicken and the pain in his side grip him again.
“Don’t do this to yourself, Juan. Not tonight.




  • ISBN: 9781291314649
  • Publication: 5 février 2013
  • 44 pages
  • English
  • Translation by Nicole Mercer
  • Version papier et électronique